BDP-93 UPnP/DLNA Media Streaming FAQ

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Questions frequently asked at AVSForum about the BDP-93.


Can this player stream digital media from network sources?

The player supports DLNA (DMP) network streaming protocols. The player does not support NFS or SAMBA (SMB).
In-network media streaming can be accessed from the "My Network" icon on the "Home Menu" screen. This feature requires a DLNA-capable media server be installed and running on your computer.

What kind of media files are supported in DLNA streaming ?

There is a topic of "What kind of user created media is supported?" in the middle of this BDP-93 Wiki page: BDP-93 Media Files FAQ, each table contains a column named "DLNA playback?", which lists these supported media types as well as any specification limits. However, please also make sure your DLNA server can also support the specific media type before adding them to the shared folder/file list.

Any DLNA servers recommended for streaming to BDP-93?

  • oShare uPnP Media Server: this is a very simple DLNA compliant media server which is 100% open source and no installation required. The latest version is v1.01, both the .exe file and the source code can be download at oShare Files. There is no transcoding involved, simply add the media files which are supported by BDP-93 and play (check the file compatibility at BDP-93 Media Files FAQ). Currently only for Windows.

OPPO made its contribution during the initial design of oShare, and you are sincerely invited to contribute for its future improvements.

Also there is a specific topic Oppo BDP-83 DLNA/UPnP thread on AVS Forum, although it's titled for BDP-83, most of its dicussions can be applied to BDP-93/95 also. On the first page you can find more Media Servers, free or commercial, as well as their brief configurations, examples that have been successfully used here in OPPO include:
  • TVersity
  • Twonkymedia Server
  • Asset from Illustrate (makers of DBPowerAmp)
  • Foobar2000
  • Windows Media Player integrated on Win XP and Win 7 computers

I tried to access the media library shared via Windows Media Player on my PC, but there was no response. How can I resolve the problem?

If this is the first time that you try to access the Windows Media Player shared library from the BDP-93, most likely Windows Media Player has not authorized the player yet.
To allow the player to access your shared media library, please start Windows Media Player on your PC, go to its "Tools" menu and select "Options". Click on the "Library" tab. Click the "Configure Sharing..." button. You will see an "Unknown Device" shown in the "Sharing Settings" dialog box. Click on it to select, and then click the "Allow" button. If you want to make sure that the "Unknown Device" is indeed your BDP-93 player, you can right click on it and select "Properties". The MAC address shown should match the MAC address of your player.
There are many tutorials available on the internet for how to set the Windows Media Player as DLNA server, some even come with screen snapshots for easier understanding Windows Media Player Server Step-by-step Setting.
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