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Questions frequently asked at AVSForum about the BDP-93.


A Blu-ray title stops with all 0's or Top Menu on the front panel or completely freezes the player. What can I do?

This is likely due to a corruption of the Persistent Storage which is preventing the player from fully loading the Blu-rays BD-JAVA. Please try performing an Erase Persistent Storage (Device Setup->Persistent Storage) and setting BD-LIVE to "OFF" (Network Setup).

Additionally discs failing to load may be due to the player's firmware being out of date. Newer Blu-ray titles may use newer BD-JAVA instructions, so if the player is using an older BD-JAVA library, these titles will not load. Please download and install the latest Beta or Official Firmware.

Has anyone gotten the IR port to work on the back?

The IR jacks on the BDP-93 are different than the BDP-83. The BDP-93 has a standard mono jack which does not have the 5v tip connection of the BDP-83 IR-IN. The 5v tip was required to power the IR-ES1, an external eye sensor for the HM-31, DV-983H, and the BDP-83.

Another distinctive difference between the BDP-93 and the BDP-83 is that the BDP-93's front sensor is disabled when using IR-IN, while the BDP-83's front sensor was not.

The player still identifies the TV as a 48 inch panel, when it's really a 37 inch panel, why is this?

The TV size has to entered manually (only applies to folks using 3D). The 46 inch default value is just a factory preset. TV size is not something the player can determine on its own over HDMI or otherwise.

I'm having a problem with using my Harmony remote with the player. It keeps sending way to many signals to the IR of the player or maybe its just way to sensitive. How do I fix this?

The Harmony remotes, by default, will send each IR command several times because some devices won't accept a command if they see it only once.
There's an easy change you can make to the 93 device programming in your Harmony's configuration to reduce this command repeat count if the Harmony is sending more repeats than are needed. For some devices, you would reduce the repeat count to 0 so each command only gets sent once. Just go into Trouble Shooting in the Harmony configuration for the 93 "device" and find the choice for commands being sent too many times.

What is the preferred power on sequence (display, receiver, BD93) to minimize HDMI handshake duration and issues?

In general, HDMI works best during power up if you turn things on in the reverse order of the HDMI chain -- that is, display first, then AVR, then source device (the player in this case). This is simply because HDMI is an end to end protocol driven by the source device, and so if everything down stream of it has had a chance to wake up, have some coffee, read the paper, and change the cat there are fewer things standing in the way.

I cannot get the 93 to play the test tones when setting up the Audio.

I've tried analog, coax and HDMI. Nothing makes a difference. The icon shows something is happening but I never hear it. Is it broken on this release?

Test Tones (Audio Processing->Speaker Configuration) is available through analog only. Also HDMI audio has to be OFF.

Has anyone had problems connecting an external hard drive via the eSATA port on the BDP-93?

Make sure you turn off the player, turn on the drive (if available) then turn on the player. Hot swapping eSATA is not available, so the drive has to be connected to the player prior to turning the player on.
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