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Questions frequently asked at AVSForum about the BDP-93.


Will the new video processor of the 93 be better for up converting compared to the 83?

It is equal in performance for the most part. Video noise reduction features, including compression artifact reduction and random noise reduction, are significantly better. Detail and edge enhancement features (controlled by the "Sharpness" picture adjustment) appear more refined. There are some additional features such as color enhancement and contrast enhancement. Some users do not like to apply any "enhancement" while others may find these features handy for certain contents. The de-interlacer supports all common HD and SD cadences, although some odd cadences (such as time-adjusted) will not lock. The ABT VRS in the BDP-83 was a cadence beast, so it will still be the best solution of odd cadence combinations.
For most DVD-Video titles the performance will be identical when all picture controls are at their default/neutral positions.

How do I select a different resolution for each of the HDMI outputs?

It's not possible. Both HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 will carry the same output resolution. (You can, however, set different data formats.)

Does the remote have a Mode button so that I can quickly change video processing settings?

There are three saved setups for HDMI1 and three for HDMI2 + Analog. Press and hold the SETUP button to go to the Picture Adjustment menu directly.
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