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Questions frequently asked at AVSForum about the BDP-93.


Is the wireless-N adapter inside the player or an external box?

USB dongle (external).

Is the Ethernet port on the 93 a 1000Mb (gigabit) port or only 100Mb?

10/100Mb. No gigabit. A gigabit connection is excessive for this kind of device. 10/100Mb is more than efficient for current streaming technologies, which includes sending high resolution, high bandwidth video files across the network.

Are there options in the menu to enter in a login/password to access protected network shares?

No. If the BDP-93 needs to be given permission to access DLNA controlled resources, that'll have to be controlled on the DLNA server's side. Don't let this question mislead you into thinking it can access network shares directly, read the next one...

Can the BDP-93 access smb/nfs network shares?

Not at this time and though unlikely, it may be possible to add it in a future firmware release. Currently it only supports a DLNA client and should be able to communicate with most DLNA certified media servers

How do I access files on my NAS?

Home Menu > My Network, Assuming it has a DLNA/UPnP server running on the NAS.

Why won't the player connect to my 802.11n wireless network?

You did remember to plug the Wi-Fi dongle into the players USB port, didn't you? The Wi-Fi dongle is not compatible with 5GHz-only 802.11n Wi-Fi, so if yours is a 5GHz-only that would be why. You need the more common 2.4GHz 802.11b, g, or n style of Wi-Fi.

Can I use the 93's wireless dongle with the '83 or other machines?

In general the answer is no.
Any USB device needs its specific drivers running on the host machine (such as Oppo 93) to work properly (or work at all). Some devices, like USB hard drives or thumb drives use generic drivers so most of them work with any host machine which supports USB drives. Unfortunately that is not true for most other USB devices. For example you can not just connect an external USB Blu-ray or DVD writer to the Oppo and expect it to work (say for making copies of your discs). Same with Wi-Fi dongles. The host machine needs to contain the driver for the specific USB device.
You may get lucky, if your other machine supports some USB Wi-Fi dongle and its driver just happens to work with the Oppo one. Unlikely, but possible.
Now with computers it is a different matter. You can easily use the Oppo dongle with your Windows or Linux laptop/computer (not sure about MACs). This dongle is actually the Atheros AR9271 and Windows was able to find and download its drivers automatically. So if you want you can use it to give 802.11n capability to your computers with a USB port which lack 802.11n.

I need to enter letters for Wi-Fi SSID and password. How do I enter letters on the remote?

Use the virtual keyboard. To access it when on a text box, press the Enter key and it will bring it up.

What is the maximum length for the Wi-Fi password?

63 characters, according to an error message from the player when I tried to enter more than 63 characters for the WPA-PSK password.

Is the BDP-93 accessible via a web browser interface or an iPad app?

Unfortunately, no to both.
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