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Questions frequently asked at AVSForum about the BDP-93.


What DAC does the player use?

Cirrus Logic CS4382 (same as the BDP-83).

Does the Marvell chipset output feed both HDMI outputs?

The Marvell is only connected to a single output (HDMI 1).

Are HDMI 1 & 2 interchangeable, do they both serve the same purpose?

For HDMI Audio yes. For HDMI video no -- HDMI 1 offers more. HDMI 1 is the only output that can use the Marvell QDEO VP chip - HDMI 2 only uses the SOC for video processing. So basically HDMI 1 is equivalent to the video processing on the BDP-83 while HDMI 2 is equivalent to the video processing on the BDP-80. Keep in mind that HDMI Audio is embedded in HDMI video so the signal path for HDMI Audio is also different with each HDMI output.

Is the Ethernet port on the 93 a 1000Mb (gigabit) port or only 100Mb?

10/100Mb. No gigabit. A gigabit connection is excessive for this kind of device. 10/100Mb is more than efficient for current streaming technologies, which includes sending high resolution, high bandwidth video files across the network.

So RS-232 control port is included now? It's not an add-on?

Correct - it's a standard feature on the BDP-93.

Are the Oppo HDMI 1.4a outputs known (or expected) to be backwards compatible with HDMI 1.3 of receivers and TV's?

Yes, don't worry, other than actual 1.4 features, the inputs are backward compatible with 1.3.
This is one of the theories of how the player can be setup, with maybe the HDMI-1 output going to a 3D display, but the HDMI-2 output used with your 1.3 AVR/processor, since that processor may not be able to route 1.4 signals though it.
Of course if you don't have any 1.4 devices at all, you could simply use the entire player as a 1.3 compliant player.

Will the RS-232 and IR protocols be _mostly_ the same as the -83? ie. Only minor changes required to existing programming?


Does Logitech Harmony have definitions for the player yet?

It's the same remote as the BDP-83, so just use the BDP-83 configuration until one for the '93 show up.

How do I use the alternate code sets on my Logitech/Harmony remote?

Set the remote switch in the OPPO remote's battery compartment to 2 or 3 and follow Harmony's instructions, as posted on AVSForum:
We are sorry you have been experiencing this difficulty. As we suggested, you should be able to confirm the commands from the original remote. This will request 3 to 6 key presses, and will not require you to learn the entire codeset. To do this, please follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your account using the Logitech Harmony Remote Software.
  2. Connect your Harmony remote to the USB cable.
  3. Click on the "Devices" tab, then beside the device, click on "Settings".
  4. Select "Confirm Infrared Commands" and click "Next".
  5. You will be asked for some button presses. Point your original remote to the bottom end of the Harmony, and from 2-5 cm away, press each button as the software asks for it. The computer screen will blink (refresh) once the key is detected, and you will see the message "Key detected." Once the software has found the best set of codes, you will get confirmation. You may need to answer some set up questions, just click "Next" to go through and make any changes needed.
  6. Update your remote to test this with your activities.
If there is a "remote address" you should be able to select or view this on the receiver itself without contacting OPPO. We almost certainly already have the codes in our database and you should not need to provide these. The easiest way to is to try following the steps provided above. Again, it should only require 3-6 key presses.

Will the USB ports on the 93 power an external hard drive?

The BDP-93 supports sending 1000mA over USB. This is twice the value of the BDP-83 (500mA). Most 2.5" bus power enclosures should now load properly on the BDP-93.
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