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Questions frequently asked at AVSForum about the BDP-93.


Is there a list of what improvements the 93 will have over the 83?

From a product standpoint, the player does everything that the BDP-83 does (minus dedicated stereo output and DVD 24p Conversion) and adds a plethora of additional features.
The BDP-93 adds streaming technology such as Netflix and Blockbuster (possibly more to come?!), the ability to playback more user created media such as FLAC and WAV (and some more which can't be discussed yet), allows for connecting large capacity, high speed eSATA and NTFS formatted HDDs, and of course 3D Blu-ray. And let's not forget about dual HDMI and no possibility of fan noise, because there is no fan.
With a loss of only two features, and a gain of many more, the BDP-93 does outclass and replace the BDP-83.

OPPO was asked if they were considering a list of HDs (Hard Drives) that will be compatible with the eSATA port on the '93.

They replied: We will not be publishing a compatible HD list as we have not used a eSATA HD which was incompatible. We really need user feedback.

Why can't I see my eSATA hard disk in the network menu?

Q: My Seagate Freeagent pro does not work at all. When I power on the player I see the drive activating but in the network menu it does not see the drive. Why?
A: The eSATA hard disk is treated as an external storage device, not a network device. To see the content on an eSATA or USB hard disk, go to the "Music", "Movie", or "Photo" menu and then select the device. Please note that the eSATA port on the BDP-93 does not support hot-swapping, so the hard disk needs to be connected before turning on the player.

Will the BDP-93 play LTH Type BD media?

BD-R LTH is supported.

Does the 93 still have the 1/2 zoom feature that was on the 83?


Can I easily switch presets from Netflix to Blu-ray to DVD, etc?

You have to go to the Picture Adjustment setup, but as on the other players a long push on the SETUP button will get you there.
There are 3 profiles each for HDMI1 and 2, for 6 total. HDMI2 and component share the same settings.

Are both USB ports (front and rear) active at the same time?


Can I put a USB hard drive in the back USB port and thumb drive in the front USB port and select which one I want to use for BD-Live or local playback?

It's recommended that you don't use a USB hard disk against persistent storage, only a USB flash drive. Once a substitute for internal flash is selected you need to turn off, then on the 93 for it to be utilized.

Does the player have an adjustable audio delay (lip sync)?


Is there a reason there is no audio delay/lip sync feature on the 93 now when it was present on the 83?

In the 83, there was an extra memory module on the ABT VRS which could be used for buffering the audio over HDMI. This is why the BDP-83 allowed for Audio Delay and why it was only available over HDMI.
The Marvell Qdeo lacks this extra space, so the BDP-93 does not offer this feature.
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