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Questions frequently asked at AVSForum about the BDP-93.


What streaming partners does the player support?

The player currently supports "Blockbuster on Demand" (United States only), "Film Fresh" (United States only), "Netflix Instant Streaming Ready" (United States and Canada Only), and VUDU (United States only). Others will be added through future firmware releases.

Does the listed 3-1/8" height of the unit include the feet?


Does the player support NTFS formatted thumbdrive when an external device is used for BD-Live storage?


What video processor does the BDP-93 use?

The BDP-93 uses the second generation Marvell Qdeo video processor, product name Kyoto-G2, model number 88DE2750 Rev B1. Some information about the Qdeo technology is available at the Qdeo web site.

What Qdeo video processing features are implemented in the BDP-93?

The following features from the Qdeo Extended Technology Brief are implemented in the BDP-93:
  • 3D Video Noise Reduction (VNR): Video Setup - Picture Adjustment - Noise Reduction levels 4-8
  • 3D De-interlacing: Automatically applied to any interlaced content.
  • (Please note that the above "3D" reference is not related to the Blu-ray 3D format. Here 3D means the three dimensions (X, Y, time) for per-pixel video processing. Basically the video processor checks adjacent pixels and frames to make a processing decision.)
  • Nonlinear scaling: Not in use. However linear scaling is used for video up-conversion.
  • 2D Edge Enhancement: Video Setup - Picture Adjustment - Sharpness
  • Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (ACE): Video Setup - Picture Adjustment - Contrast Enhancement
  • Intelligent Color Remapping (ICR): Video Setup - Picture Adjustment - Color Enhancement
  • Compression Artifact Reduction (CAR): Video Setup - Picture Adjustment - Noise Reduction levels 1-3
  • Qdeo True Color(QTC): Applied to HDMI 1 when a deep color mode is enabled
  • Natural Depth Expansion (NDE): This is just another name for the detail and edge enhancement function. Video Setup - Picture Adjustment - Sharpness

Where can I buy non-Region A/1 versions of this player?

Check the Oppo UK Ltd web site, HERE to be specific.

I want to program my Pronto remote to use the Code Set 2, can anyone point me to a listing of the hex codes?

See the Excel spreadsheet for the BDP-83 codes on its support page, they are the same for the BDP-93.

I don't see the answer to my question, what other reference sources are on-line?

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