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Is the 3D function of model 93 automatic?

The 3D output is automatic and can't be forced on.

Can the 3D function be disabled?

Yes, The 3D output can be turned OFF in the menu of the player.

I heard there could be issues if a 3D capable player is connected to non 3D TV and receiver, will the dual-HDMI output take care of this possible problem?

There are absolutely no issues with connecting the BDP-93 to a television and/or receiver which does not support 3D.

Will this unit vertically stretch 3D?

Yes & No. Zooming 3D in any fashion seems to be dependent on whether the BD disk does or does not have BD-Java. Disk with BD-Java don't seem to allow zooming. Disk without BD-Java do seem to support zooming, which vertical stretch is one of the zoom modes.
Some 3D titles that have been reported as allowing zooming are:
Some 3D titles that have been reported as NOT allowing zooming (as of the BDP9x-33-1216 Firmware) are:
  • How to train your Dragon (Samsung Exclusive)
  • My Bloody Valentine
  • Shrek 1-4 (Samsung Exclusive)
  • Avatar (Panasonic Exclusive)
  • Ice Age (Panasonic Exclusive)
  • Monsters vs Aliens (Samsung Exclusive)

Will this OPPO output the checkerboard 3D pattern?

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