BDP-93 24hz Output FAQ

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What is 24hz output?

Until recently, DVD and Blu-ray players have produced 60hz signals in NTSC countries and 50hz signals in PAL countries. But film-based sources are recorded at 24hz and converting them to something else can produce motion artifacts. Many players now have the option of producing 24hz directly.

Can I use 24hz output?

Only if your display accepts a 1080p24 signal; check your display documentation. You should also verify that your display supports 1080p24 signals at multiples of 24hz. Some displays accept a 24hz signal but convert it to 60hz, which reintroduces the motion artifacts.

Is DVD 24p Conversion provided?

No, they do have a legitimate reason not to support it. And we quote:
We found the performance on the BDP-83 for DVD 24Hz Conversion to be below our quality threshold. It suffered from a lot of frame tearing and relied explicitly on the disc being 3:2 Cadence derivative. Most film media will have breaks in the cadence, which will cause unwanted visual errors such as screen tearing and increased video judder (the precise thing you want to remove in the first place).
For this reason it is unlikely (though not ruled out) that DVD 24Hz Conversion will also not be used in the BDP-93 if we find that this player has the same limitations. We design our products to improve on the video and audio performance, not degrade it. Unfortunately we sometimes have to make hard decisions based on the benefits and detriments, and this means removing features that some customers may find desirable.
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