BDP-83 Region Coding FAQ

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Is the player locked for Blu-ray and DVD regions?

Yes: Blu-ray region A and DVD region 1.

What is the point of having PAL support if the player is locked to region 1?

It will play PAL (and NTSC) DVD region 0 discs. Region 0 means "all regions".

Where do I get region 0 discs?

Backup software that removes CSS copy protection will set the DVD region code to 0. See the wiki article on regional lockout.

Will OPPO Digital create versions of this player for markets outside of North America?

No, according to email from OPPO Digital:
Our player is being designed for North America, which is DVD Region 1 and Blu-ray Region A compliant. We have no plans selling these units internationally or allowing the end user to adjust any regional controls. For all information related to a European BDP-83, we would recommend contacting OPPO.SE (INFO@OPPO.SE).

See Where can I buy non-Region A/1 versions of this player?

Why won't OPPO Digital allow region unlocking for DVD?

OPPO Digital has said:
The Blu-ray Disc Association does not allow us to support any region unlocking capabilities, even for DVD-Video playback.

The people who own the technology, who write the contracts specifying how you may and may not use their property, will not allow region-free playback. If OPPO Digital were to violate those contracts they would be subject to legal action.

Why would the BDA care about DVD playback? No one has told me, so I can only speculate. Studio members of the BDA still make DVDs and still want their region coding enforced. This is an opportunity for them to enforce their rights

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