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What is the best output resolution for my display?

See the manual (Installation / Setting Up the Player - Easy Setup Wizard / Select the Best Output Resolution).

What is the best color space?

See the manual (Setup Menu Options / HDMI Options / Color Space) which recommends Auto as the best setting.

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What is the best Deinterlacing Mode?

The manual (Setup Menu Options / HDMI Options / De-interlacing Mode) has a nice summary of the options and recommends Auto, which is what I use.


Deinterlacing is required for DVD playback. Some extras on Blu-ray may be interlaced, and some main features like concert videos, but most Blu-ray titles are stored in a progressive format that does not need to be deinterlaced.

Which means this setting is not relevant for most Blu-ray main features.


I have DVDs where changing the default deinterlacing mode can improve playback. An example is the 1965 TV series Honey West. Using Auto deinterlacing, the image often shimmers, shows broken diagonal lines and spectacular moir� on striped shirts.

For some reason the way this disc is authored makes it difficult for the player to detect and lock on to the correct cadence. Forcing deinterlacing to Film Bias Mode gives a big improvement in image quality.

Since this setting, like most others, can be made while the title is playing, you can quickly see whether or not the changes are an improvement.

What is the best CUE-Correction setting?

The manual (Setup Menu Options / HDMI Options / CUE-Correction) has a nice summary of the options and recommends Auto, which is what I use.


See this article for more on Chroma Up-sampling Error (CUE) and Interlaced Chroma Problem (ICP): Chroma Upsampling Error.

CUE is a fault of the video decoder chip, and since all of the OPPO players are free of the fault, they won't have CUE anyway.

ICP may still be present in interlaced video and CUE-correction will detect and correct it.

In any case, both CUE and ICP are issues of interlaced video. This applies to DVD, some Blu-ray extras and a few Blu-ray features, but most Blu-ray main features are stored in a progressive format and will not have either problem.

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