BDP-83 Networking FAQ

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What network functions are supported?

So far:
  • BD-Live
  • firmware updates
  • notification that new firmware is available
Since 1224 firmware, those additional functions are supported (experimental)
  • DNLA
  • BluTV
Other functions are often requested, but we have no indication that they will ever be added: network disc access, Netflix and other video service streaming, CD track information.

Does the player have built-in wireless networking?

No, but OPPO sells an optional wireless adapter kit. The kit includes both transmitting and receiving adapters, so you can use it if you have high speed internet but no wireless access point. The documentation is online: WK-1 User Guide (PDF). This kit uses the ASUS WL-330gE hardware; you are getting two for (almost) the price of one. The units are "pre-paired" with custom firmware.
The advantages of this kit are that:
  • There is no configuration required; just plug and go.
  • You don't need an existing wireless access point, just an Ethernet port on your router or modem.
The disadvantages:
  • You cannot use it with an existing wireless access point.
  • Power for the adapter attached to the player requires a USB port; the player has two but only one will be available if you use this kit.
Other Ethernet-to-wireless adapters have been used successfully, for example:
  • Apple Airport Express
  • ASUS WL-330gE
  • Belkin F5D7330 802.11g Wireless Ethernet/Gaming Adapter
  • D-Link 4-port Wireless Bridge DAP-1522
  • D-link DGL-3420
  • D-Link RangeBooster G Multifunction Print Server DPR-1260
  • Linksys WGA54G
  • Linksys WGA600N
  • Linksys PLK300 PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter Kit
  • Netgear 54 mbps Wireless USB Print Server with 4-port Switch WGPS606
  • Netgear Powerline HDXB101
  • (others?).

Does the player support Netflix downloads?


Can BD-Live be turned off?

Yes. See the manual (Setup Menu Options / Network Setup / BD-Live Network Access).
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