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How do I check the firmware version?

As shown in the manual (Setup Menu Options / Device Setup / Firmware Information), use Device Setup -> Firmware Information. The firmware is the line labeled Main Version.

Will updating firmware erase my settings?

No, your settings will be retained. Persistent memory is also preserved.


This is the intended operation. During the beta test period there were "big" firmware updates that reset the settings and erased persistent memory. It's possible this could happen again in the future, so it would be a good idea to note your settings before an upgrade.


OPPO, in the "Installation Instructions and Download" link at the Help & Support page, recommends doing Setup -> Device Setup -> Reset Factory Default after each firmware upgrade and manually reapplying your settings. That is what I do.

The BDP-83 Settings Checklist (PDF) is a handy way of noting your settings customizations.

How do I update firmware using a USB stick?

See the "Installation Instructions and Download" link at the Help & Support page. Usually the player detects the presence of firmware when you insert the USB device. If it doesn't, sometimes cycling power on the player will help. Or, as the instructions say, just do Setup -> Device Setup -> Firmware Upgrade -> Via USB.

How do I update firmware using an optical disc?

See the "Installation Instructions and Download" link at the Help & Support page.

Can firmware be updated over the internet?

Yes, it is quick and painless if you have high speed internet. I wouldn't recommend it otherwise. See the manual (Setup Menu Options / Device Setup / Firmware Upgrade).

Does the internet update know when the player firmware is current?

Yes. If the firmware is current the player will not perform the update.

How big is the firmware file?

Around 20MB.

Why is the Firmware Upgrade option grayed out?

See the manual (Setup Menu Options / Device Setup / Firmware Upgrade). Make sure no disc is playing. Or: just eject the tray.

Why isn't my player showing that new firmware is available via the internet?

There are several possible reasons:
  • The new firmware is BETA. BETA firmware won't install via the internet due to its risk of instability in performance or installation.(Note: if you are already running beta firmware then new beta versions will be visible and available for installation).
  • The Firmware Notification Setup option is not On.
  • The player already has the updated firmware applied.
  • The player can't access the OPPO's support web site due to some kind of internet access/connectivity issue.

What are the different firmware files?

Firmware updates can include several different files:
UPG/BDP-83.bin: the main firmware
UPG/DVD.BIN: the disc loader
UPG/MCU.BIN: the micro controller unit (which runs the fan among other things)

Not every firmware update will include each type of file.

When updating the firmware, there will be a separate on-screen dialog box for each file.

What is the latest firmware version?

See the OPPO Help & Support page.

Is there a listing of the Setup options and their defaults?

Yes, in this PDF file: BDP-83 Settings Checklist. The purpose of this document is:
  • To show the default settings when you use Setup -> Device Setup -> Reset Factory Default and run the Setup Wizard again.
  • To provide a convenient place to note your own Setup customizations.
  • To show the differences between the Setup Wizard "Compatible" and "Advanced" Audio Settings: all the differences are in the Audio Format Setup section.
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