BDP-83 Component Output FAQ

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Does the component output use the ABT chip?

No, ABT VRS processing is used for HDMI only.

Does the component output support 1080p?

No, 1080i is the limit. For Blu-ray this limit is mandated by AACS, so the decoder chip maker decided to make the hardware support up to 1080i over component. This means non-encrypted DVD and other media files can be up-converted to 1080i over component, but not 1080p.

Are DVDs upscaled over component?

Non-CSS encrypted DVDs will upscale over component. Else they are limited to 480i/576i and 480p/576p.

Are component and HDMI outputs active at the same time?

Yes, although there are restrictions. It depends on the setting of Setup -> Video Setup -> Primary Output:
  • When set to HDMI, the component output will support DVD at 480i/576i only, and is limited to 1080i Blu-ray sources, such as concert videos. (This is because the decoder chip only outputs the native resolution of the disc in this mode. Most BDs are 1080p24, and there is no corresponding component output format for 1080p24).
  • When set to Component, both Blu-ray and DVD will play over both the component and HDMI ports, but because some of the ABT VRS functions are then bypassed, HDMI output will not be as good as when set to HDMI.
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But: I'm sure if you have some problem with HDMI image quality you will be told the first step is to set Primary Output to HDMI before attempting any other diagnostic.
It looks like the Zoom functions do not work over HDMI when Primary Output is set to Component.

Why isn't the video resolution reported correctly when using component output?

See the manual (Installation / Connecting to a Display / Component Video Connection) and (Advanced Operations / Output Resolution). This is a difficult case because the same Resolution control is used for both HDMI and component, which you can switch between but which have different capabilities. The Resolution setting should always be correct for HDMI, but for component what is shown in the On-screen Display may not be correct:
  • When Primary Output is HDMI:
    • For DVD, the component output is always 480i/576i.
    • For 1080i Blu-ray sources (like concert videos) the component resolution setting should be correct, except that 1080p will be interlaced to 1080i.
  • When Primary Output is Component:
    • When playing Blu-ray, the component resolution setting should be correct, except that 1080p will be interlaced to 1080i.
    • When playing non-CSS protected DVD, the component resolution setting should be correct, except that 1080p will be interlaced to 1080i.
    • When playing CSS protected DVD, the component resolution setting will be correct for 480i/576i and 480p/576p, but all other settings will produce 480p/576p.
These Blu-ray results over component presume that the disc does not have ICT, which as far as I know is not yet being used on Blu-ray.
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