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Questions frequently asked at AVSForum about the BDP-105.
The BDP-105 shares the same playback platform as the BDP-103, therefore most questions concerning it that do not revolve around its 'optimized analog audio performance', the 'headphone output' and 'digital coaxial, optical and asynchronous USB inputs' are likely the same as those addressed within the BDP-103 FAQ pages.


My subwoofer output is too low. How can I compensate for this?

The Subwoofer output of the multi-channel Analog audio set of outputs is always attenuated compared to the other channels. This allows LOUD bass to be carried on that channel without risk of clipping the input of whatever it is cabled to.

As such, volume boost has to be applied to that channel to get it in proper balance with the other channels. Some AVRs will provide a default amount of boost so if the channel is going through an AVR on its way to the Subwoofer, then all or most of the needed boost will already be in place. Some AVRs (e.g., Denon) let you select the amount of boost provided by the AVR as that signal passes through on the way to the Subwoofer.

Otherwise you accomplish the boost by raising the volume knob on the Subwoofer. (If you have OTHER sources feeding that same Subwoofer, then you may also need to REDUCE their output volume trim for the Subwoofer to keep those in balance).

The boost should be applied EXTERNAL to the player -- rather than raising the Subwoofer output trim setting in the player -- unless you are CERTAIN the input you are connecting to has enough input "headroom" that it will not clip for a LOUD bass input signal.

If all speakers in the OPPO are set to either Large or OFF, or if you are playing an SACD disc with DSD-Direct-to-Analog-Conversion engaged, then the amount of boost needed for the Subwoofer output is +10dB. This adjusts for the standard -10dB attenuation that comes from the way the LFE (bass effects) channels are authored.

If any speakers in the OPPO are set to Small (and when you are not playing SACD DSD), then the amount of boost needed for the Subwoofer output is +15dB. The extra +5dB comes from additional attenuation (on top of LFE) applied in the player to make sure there is adequate headroom to carry bass steered into that Subwoofer output from your Small speakers channels, according to your Crossover setting. This doesn't happen for SACD DSD playback, because audio processing (such as Crossover) can not be done to the DSD digital audio signal, and thus all speakers are effectively Large despite your settings.
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